Welcome Teachers

A teacher is a physician who heals ignorance and craftsman who motivates imagination

A teacher is a one who plays a major role apart from Family, community, and friends in shaping and grooming a child’s personality and life. So you have great responsibility

The qualities that our teachers possess:

1) Smart and Intelligent.
2) Helpful and encouraging.
3) Supportive in student’s endeavor to identify their strengths.
4) Involve students in discussion.
5) Great motivators.
6) Available 24*7.

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Our smart tutors have been through high school and knew what it’s like to be stuck on homework. They cover each and every point in depth. We have thousands of tutors, all of whom are carefully screened experts and include professional teachers, college professors, graduate students, select undergraduates from accredited universities and other professionals. We have best of tutors who can transform a “stone into Perl”.

Teachers are said to be the second parentsGuru for a student. To make this phrase true, we provide the quality teachers. We have Professional tutors who have a high level of competency in their area of expertise. Our tutors love helping students and they care for your child. Our custom-designed facility offers windows between every instructional room to ensure that all of our tutors are under our constant supervision and that no tutor is ever alone with any child. We have a formal tutor review process that includes frequent observations of their student instructional interaction and periodic evaluations. We pride ourselves on our professional relationship with our tutors and being able to manage them to achieve the best results for your child.

Become A Teacher

When you teach, you learn twice. If you are passionate about teaching, EON Education provides you a solid training in the challenging work environment.

We have various teaching options for our teacher. All the positions would be a part-time opportunity of spending an hour or two per day. We have a home tuition option, where you have to go to the student’s home and teach them. The teachers are mapped to students close to their residence. The other option would be to teach a group of student’s at our venue; the group is usually kept small to enable personal attention.

The third option is the online teaching, where the teacher connects from our office, while the student would, from his home, we have a state of the art platform to enable teaching.We cater not only students across India but also International students from UK, USA, Canada, and Australia. Special training would be provided to enable teachers to educate international students.
Teaching is a very satisfying profession. There is a constant learning opportunity in the quest of keeping oneself updated. We congratulate all the teachers who have decided to pursue their career with Eon. We hire good talents and provide them all the support to make them The Best.

At Eon, you would be a part of a large flock of quality teachers who make a huge difference in someone’s life Day-in and Day-out. We pay our teacher’s handsomely, as we believe that a happy teacher can only make a successful student.
All the teachers selected by Eon have to undergo a compulsory teacher orientation program, where our expert personals brief you about the dos and don’ts involved in your job. This would be the best opportunity for you to get all your clarifications cleared.

Being associated with Eon is so much fun. We have great value for our teachers and provide free orientation, workshop, and training for their betterment. In the teacher’s workshop, we bring in experts for lectures and have fun games for our teachers.

We also have awards for the best performing teacher, which is decided based on the feedback from parents. You are encouraged to contact our assigned Administrative Manager in case of any issues 24/7. There is always a scope of growth with Eon, where you are provided with learning opportunities in terms of training every quarter.