Child rearing is the greatest relinquish one can make; it’s putting your life on hold to satisfy the guarantee of your kids’ tomorrow. You would have taken great pride when your child put her/his foot down, to take the very first step on this earth, your elation knew no boundary when your child uttered that very first word. At the same time, without your knowledge you had started taking his/her achievements to be your known and their inadequacy to be your failure. You had taken the utmost care in choosing what they play with- their toys, what they read – books, what they wear and so on and so forth. When it came to choosing their school , you had been extra careful as it had to be the best, cause for the first time, you were going to handover your most precious gift on earth to a stranger.

When the kids came running to you after school to get help for finishing a homework or for preparing for an upcoming exam, you want to give your 100% for them, but unfortunately, you do not have that much time for training them daily to enable them to perform well in their assessments. That’s the adversity of being an adult, you have so many things to do in a day that mere 24 hours does not seem to be enough. you have to balance between your work and personal life. This is where “WE” come into the picture, we at Eon Education are here to ease that burden off your shoulders. We have a flock of accomplished teachers, who would help your child sail smoothly in the ocean called education.

Eon Education will take all the necessary initiative in providing you a dedicated teacher for your child. We offer various custom crafted coaching options to choose from. They are : 1) Home Tuition – Where a teacher is assigned and sent to coach your ward at the convenience of your home 2) Online Coaching – Your Child can sit in any city or any corner of the world and a dedicated teacher would train your ward using a state of the art online platform. All you need is a computer and internet connection 3) Group Coaching – Students are grouped in small number and training is provided in our venue by experienced teachers.Our tutors are efficient and have in-depth knowledge in the subject of their expertise. They are a dedicated lot who would put in their best to improve your child’s performance.