Welcome! To Eon Education’s Online Coaching

Welcome! To Eon Education’s Online Coaching. Where we use the State of the art platform in coaching students of different boards,International students from UK,USA,Australia and Canada. Our main focus would be on Maths,Science and Computer Science, but we also provide coaching for other subjects. All you need is a computer and internet connection with minimum 1 Mbps speed.We will rope in some of the best teachers in the industry to train you. We from Eon has come a long way in Home Tuitions and that too with flying colors. We have thousands of teachers in our knowledge base, all experienced in teaching with substantial success in their records. Our teachers are specially trained to handle international students.

How we go about it

After enrolling to our online coaching program, the student is given a schedule of various classes that will planned for that week. A day before the class, a mail is sent to the student with a link which invites him/her to join the online class, the link will become active, once the tutor also joins the class (that will be at the scheduled time), the link would become active and the tutor would start sharing his screen, there will be a blank page where the tutor would type his instructions simultaneously during class hours. The teacher would also share files related to the topic being covered, enabling the students to refer the subject matter after class hours.


Best of both the worlds:

With online coaching you are in a win-win situation where you can sit in one city and get the best teacher from a totally different city coach you. Whether you are in a big city or small, town or village, it does not matter. All you need is a laptop and internet connection, and viola! The teacher is right there at your home.

Privacy Protected:

Even though you can learn from the comfort of your home, your privacy does not get perturbed by online coaching. You can even go for audio coaching if you do not want the tutor to see you.

Global Standards:

It thins the parity between Global and Local Students.

Recorded Classes:

Other types of coaching can never have this facility. If you feel that you need to revisit the class – after say a week, you can always replay the recorded clips on a particular topic and understand it better. This feature is completely absent in classroom training or private home coaching, where you have to take notes and record the class only in your memory.

Personal Attention and Focus:

The batch is quite small of maximum 10 students per batch, in that case the much sought individual attention is present at the same time the fun in learning as a group is also fulfilled.


Parents have always wondered , what their kids are actually learning in school, how they are thought, what the kids are understanding so in and so forth. That handicap is absent in online coaching where things are quite straightforward and transparent. Parents can supervise their kid’s performance from home.

Time Saving and Economical:

Spares lot of time spent on travelling, city relocation, and student’s mental strain.

Please visit our website www.eoneducation.com to enroll your ward for online coaching or call us @ 8088-140000