The Winner of the Prestigious Golden Teachers Award by Eon Education is:

1.Tutor Name: Sanjay

Occuption: Home tutor

Duration of his service with Eon:2 years

location; HBR Layout.

2. Tutor Name: Karthik Ramakrishnan

Occuption: Home Tutor and Works in a Software Company

Duration of his service with Eon:2 years

Location : Hebbal.

Eon is very proud to announce that  Vedant.S.Jain  of Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain College , has scored Centum in 3 subjects namely a) Business Studies b) Accountancy c) Basic Maths , under the coaching of Mr.Sanjay and Mr. Karthik in 2018 12th std CBSE examination.

A Teacher is given award based on the on the following  five parameters:

1.Student’s result:

First and foremost important to Eon Education is student’s result. A teacher who has been given the tutoring assignment is responsible for improvement in the student’s result. To be eligible for Golden Teacher award, a teacher should be able to bring significant positive outcome in student’s result.


We highly value discipline and accountability. Eon teachers are expected to consistently display highest standards of discipline and accountability. As student learn easily from behaviors of their teachers, Eon Teachers should be very careful in this regard. They should be excellent role models for their students and consistently display highest standards of discipline and accountability. How do we evaluate the discipline of our teachers? We look at various parameters and situation. Example – is the teacher informing in advance about his / her absence for the session, is the teacher compensating the missed class, is the teacher punctual in class? Does the teacher not engage in any other activity other than teaching? .. etc

3.Adherence to process:

Eon Education has certain process guidelines for teachers. These process guidelines are posted in Eon Website as well as will be informed to teachers over phone. Eon teachers should diligently follow the process guideline. Only those teachers who are consistently following more than 90% of process guideline are  eligible for Golden Teacher award.

4.Parent/ Student feedback – All teachers should get positive feedback both from parents and students to be eligible for Golden Teacher award.

5. Passion for teaching – Eon has very high regard and respect for teachers who are naturally passionate about teaching. If the teacher goes beyond his / her assigned responsibility to educate the child and proactively applies additional effort out of sheer passiona and sense of responsibility, Eon Education deems such teachers eligible for Golden Teacher award.