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Educate students – To make a difference: Collaborate with Eon Education for one-to-one home tutoring and group coaching business. Avail this platform to hone your entrepreneurship skills. Earn, learn, and contribute more pages to the success story book of Eon Education.We specialize in home tuition and group coaching services. Within a few years of its operation, it expanded services to more than 500 locations across India. One of the many reasons attributing to its exponential growth is the Eon Education’s Business Model. We welcome committed individuals to partner with us in this exciting endeavor as our Franchise. Education is one of the noblest causes to work for, In recent times, the Indian economy has enabled the people to earn good and afford a high standard of living. It has also resulted in more people searching for the luxury of talented home tutors.

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Home tutorial services are especially convenient for students as they can save a lot of their crucial time and energy. They can eliminate the hassle of getting stuck in the heavy traffic while going for tuition classes. The home tutor can attend student more efficiently, unlike the group coaching teacher. Owing to the above advantages, you as a home tutorial service provider have a great market to cater. By taking up Eon Education’s Franchise, you would be able to run a successful business in your prescribed location with the least installation cost.

As our Franchise, you would be easily able to earn 10-15 Lakhs(Master Franchisee) and 5-7 lakh(Sub-Franchisee). With more of your efforts and perseverance, you could earn even more. Delivering superior customer product is our prime concern. It has helped us acquire the trust of our clients who do not compromise with the quality. We help students excel in academics by providing skilled and qualified tutors. Be a part of our program, if you wish to brighten the future of younger generations.

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For initiating the business, you do not require huge infrastructure investments. A small room of 150 square feet equipped with computers, the internet, table, and a file rack would suffice. You are required to maintain a pool of competent teachers, schedule classes for them. You would be the mediator between teachers and customers. With a pool of 100 students, an INR of 10 lakhs can be easily earned.


The recurring revenue also ensures predictable and stable business. With all your dedication and perseverance, you can earn targeted revenue.


Apart from business, you are bringing a difference in a student’s life. Home tutorial service of Eon education is designed to overcome the hurdles of students in their academic performance. The student’s academic enhancement is our main concern. By entering into this venture, you are contributing towards positive change in the society. It is a noble business for a noble cause.