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EON Education is the next generation educational company which focuses on technology empowered learner centric personalized education. Through its personalized classes and innovative methodologies, EON Education attempts to breathe new life into existing educational system.

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“Eon Education is all about providing customer service which is just not the best but unhistorical”

Who We Are

Eon rests on the ideology “Student’s Interest First”. We spin our curriculum and classes around what would be the most convenient and comfortable option of our students. Be it our Home Tuition, Online Coaching or Group Coaching Program for that matter , we are very particular that our customers are care free in regard to their ward’s education. We take the weight off your shoulders, and prioritise your child’s education to anything else. We are a transparent company and have no hesitation in sharing with you our contribution in relation to your kid’s education.

What We Do

We at Eon provide quality “uniquely crafted” educational services. Whether you prefer an absolute personalized one to one coaching in the solace of your home, we have our “Home Tuition” option for you. If you prefer the same individual attention but you are concerned about a stranger entering your house, then we have the solution of “individual online classes “for you that enables you to stay and learn from home at the same time your privacy is well protected. If your ward is a group lover and learns fast when in a team, then we have our “Group Coaching” accessible to you. Thus, we hear to your prerequisites and recommend the best alternative for you. In addition , we make exhaustive record verification of our teachers ,provide free counseling to parents, Provide regular feedback about your ward’s progress, and in the event that you are not happy with your appointed tutor, we trade them for no additional cost.

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Sita Sharma

Chief Knowledge Officer and Content Director